All the songs

all of them. every fuckin song in one list. mostly for personal tracking so i dont have to dig through files to find the last one i did lol
Tell Your World (Original)
Teo (Original) (Sekai)
HIBANA -Reloaded- (Original) (Sekai)
Happy Synthesizer (Original) (Sekai) (April Fools)
Nostalogic (Original) (Sekai)
Charles (Original) (Sekai)
BRING IT ON (Original) (Sekai)
Doctor=Funk Beat (Original) (Sekai)
BURIKI NO DANCE (Original) (Sekai)
Sweet Magic (Original) (Sekai)
NEXT NEST (Original)
Melt (Original)
Blessing (Original)
The World Hasn't Even Started Yet (Original) (Sekai)
Ready Steady (Original) (Sekai)
Newly Edgy Idols (Original) (Sekai)
Composing The Future (Original) (Sekai)
needLe (Original) (Sekai)
Hello/How Are You (Original) (Sekai)
Jishoumushoku (Original) (Sekai)
Fragile (Original) (Sekai)
Patchwork Staccato (Original) (Sekai)
SEKAI (Original) (Sekai)
Wah Wah World (Original) (Sekai)
Your Adventure Log Has Vanished! (Original) (Sekai)
ROKI (Original) (Sekai)
alive (Original)
Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow (Original) (Sekai)
Near (Original) (Sekai)
Just Be Friends (Original) (Sekai)
Law-evading Rock (Original) (Sekai)
Hated by Life (Original) (Sekai)
The World is Mine (Original)
Stella (Original) (Sekai)
Miracle Paint (Original) (Sekai)
Jack Pot Sad Girl (Original) (Sekai)
Hand in Hand (Original)
Yobanashi Deceive (Original) (Sekai)
Gimme×Gimme (Original)
Viva Happy (Original) (Sekai)
junky nighttown orchestra (Original)
Dance Robot Dance (Original) (Sekai)
on the rocks (Original)
Cellphone Love Story (Original) (Sekai)
Miku (Original)
39Music! (Original)
Aoku Kakero! (Original) (Sekai) (April Fools)
Leia - Remind (Original)
Melty Land Nightmare (Original) (Sekai)
Greenlights Serenade (Original)
Becoming Potatoes (Original) (Sekai)
ECHO (Original) (Sekai)
Senbonzakura (Original)
Dramaturgy (Original) (Sekai)
Rollin Girl (Original)
Hitorinbo Envy (Original) (Sekai)
*Hello, Planet (Original)
Love Trial (Original) (Sekai)
Forward (Original) (Sekai)
Totemoitai Itagaritai (Original) (Sekai)
Hibikase (Original)
Chururira Chururira Daddadda! (Original) (Sekai)
Bless Your Breath (Original)
Tale of the Deep-sea Lily (Original) (Sekai)
ODDS&ENDS (Original)
Otome Dissection (Original) (Sekai)
The Intense Voice of Hatsune Miku (Original)
MORE! JUMP! MORE! (Original) (Sekai)
Ura-Omote Lovers (Original)
Unknown Mother-Goose (Original)
World's End Dancehall (Original)
Time Machine (Original) (Sekai)
NIJIIRO STORIES (Original) (Sekai)
drop pop candy (Original) (Sekai)
Bocca della Verità (Original) (Sekai)
Brand New Day (Original)
Awaiting Clear Skies (Original) (Sekai)
Milk Crown on Sonechka (Original) (Sekai)
Positive☆Dance Time (Original) (Sekai) (April Fools)
Color of Drops (Original) (Sekai)
RAD DOGS (Original) (Sekai)
Mikumiku Ni Shiteageru [Shiteyanyo] (Original)
Ifuudoudou (Original) (Sekai) (April Fools)
Because You're Here (Original)
from Y to Y (Original) (Sekai)
Close to gray (Original) (Sekai)
once upon a dream (Original) (Sekai)
Do not go (Original) (Sekai)
KING (Original) (Sekai)
Singing of a flower (Original)
Angel's Clover (Original) (Sekai)
As You Like It (Original) (Sekai)
dreamin chuchu (Original) (Sekai)
IDSMILE (Original) (Sekai)
「1」 (Original) (Sekai)
Into The Night (Original) (Sekai)
Cinema (Original) (Sekai)
Ghost City Tokyo (Original) (Sekai)
Love material (Original) (Sekai)
Goodbye (Original)
Romeo & Cinderella (Original) (Sekai)
Copycat (Original)
Tondemo-Wonderz (Original) (Sekai)
Kanadetomosusora (Original) (Sekai)
The Bubble Future (Original)
Traffic jam (Original) (Sekai)
From Tokyo (Original) (Sekai)
Beat Eater (Original) (Sekai)
Chikyuu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo (Original) (Sekai)
Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story (Original) (Sekai)
Bitter Choco Decoration (Original) (Sekai)
Soudatta!! (Original)
Kagerou Daze (Original) (Sekai)
icedrop (Original) (Sekai)
Glory Steady Go! (Original) (Sekai)
Children Record (Original) (Sekai)
Highlight (Original)
magic number (Original)
Pulse of the Meteor (Original) (Sekai)
Cutlery (Original) (Sekai)
Reborn (Original) (Sekai)
Gunjo Sanka (Original) (Sekai)
Roshin Yuukai (meltdown) (Original)
Lost One's Weeping (Original) (Sekai)
Venom (Original) (Sekai) (April Fools)
Haikei Doppelganger (Original)
Telecaster b boy (Original) (Sekai)
TOKIO FUNKA (Original)
Devil's Manner (Original) (Sekai)
I want to be your heart (Original)
Marshmary (Original) (Sekai)
Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder (Original)
ray (Original) (Sekai)
Hello,world! (Original) (Sekai)
Sick of House! (Original)
Showtime Ruler (Original) (Sekai)
Lower one's eyes (Original) (Sekai)
Happy Halloween (Original) (Sekai)
Hatsune Creation Myth (Original)
Alter Ego (Original) (Sekai)
STAGE OF SEKAI (Original) (Sekai)
Karakuri Pierrot (Original) (Sekai)
Awake Now (Original) (Sekai)
Worldwide Wander (Original) (Sekai)
The Daughter of Evil (Original)
The Servant of Evil (Original)
Waltz of the Deceased (Original)
Music Like Magic! (Original)
Last Score (Original)
fixer (Original) (Sekai)

At God's Mercy (Original) (Sekai)
Aun no Beats (Original) (Sekai)
bug (Original) (Sekai)
Starry sky melody (Original) (Sekai)
City (Original) (Sekai)
SHOW OFF (Original) (Sekai)
Fräulein=библиотека (Original)
Parasol Cider (Original) (Sekai)
Kimi no Yoru Wo Kure (Original) (Sekai)
Voices (Original) (Sekai)
Blue Planet (Original)
Hollow (Original) (Sekai)
Journey (Original) (Sekai)
phony (Original) (Sekai)
Ego rock (Original) (Sekai)
DREAM PLACE (Original) (Sekai)
What Sort of Ending Are You Wishing For? (Original) (Sekai) (...I'll figure out what to do about this later.)
the WALL (Original) (Sekai)
I am you (Original) (Sekai)
Float Planner (Original) (Sekai)
Imperial Girl (Original) (Sekai)
Kashika (Original) (Sekai)
Hoshizora Orchestra (Original) (Sekai)
Flyway (Original) (Sekai)
We Are (Original) (Sekai)
One Sheep (Original) (Sekai)
Mr. Showtime (Original) (Sekai)
Samsa (Original) (Sekai)
Be The MUSIC! (Original) (Sekai)
Aioi (Original) (Sekai)
The peachy key (Original) (Sekai)
kitty (Original) (Sekai)
Coral (Original) (Sekai)
Retainer Supplanting His Lord (Original) (Sekai)