"A unique idol group formed by a girl with a dream and three other girls who had given up on theirs."
Happy Synthesizer (Original) (Sekai)
Nostalogic (Original) (Sekai)
Newly Edgy Idols (Original) (Sekai)
Patchwork Staccato (Original) (Sekai)
Near (Original) (Sekai)
Viva Happy (Original) (Sekai)
Melty Land Nightmare (Original) (Sekai)
Love Trial (Original) (Sekai)
MORE! JUMP! MORE! (Original) (Sekai)
Milk Crown on Sonechka (Original) (Sekai)
Color of Drops (Original) (Sekai)
Angel's Clover (Original) (Sekai)
dreamin chuchu (Original) (Sekai)
Love material (Original) (Sekai)
Romeo & Cinderella (Original) (Sekai)
Chikyuu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo (Original) (Sekai)
icedrop (Original) (Sekai)
Marshmary (Original) (Sekai)
Happy Halloween (Original) (Sekai)
Karakuri Pierrot (Original) (Sekai)
Worldwide Wander (Original) (Sekai)

The Vampire (Original) (Sekai)
Parasol Cider (Original) (Sekai)
DREAM PLACE (Original) (Sekai)
Float Planner (Original) (Sekai)
We Are (Original) (Sekai)
The peachy key (Original) (Sekai)
Teammates (Original) (Sekai)