Wonderlands x Showtime

"Wonderhoy! An eclectic group of energetic performers. Every day's a good day to fly high!"
BURIKI NO DANCE (Original) (Sekai)
Sweet Magic (Original) (Sekai)
The World Hasn't Even Started Yet (Original) (Sekai)
Your Adventure Log Has Vanished! (Original) (Sekai)
Law-evading Rock (Original) (Sekai)
Miracle Paint (Original) (Sekai)
Dance Robot Dance (Original) (Sekai)
Becoming Potatoes (Original) (Sekai)
Chururira Chururira Daddadda! (Original) (Sekai)
NIJIIRO STORIES (Original) (Sekai)
Positive☆Dance Time (Original) (Sekai)
once upon a dream (Original) (Sekai)
KING (Original) (Sekai)
As You Like It (Original) (Sekai)
Tondemo-Wonderz (Original) (Sekai)
Glory Steady Go! (Original) (Sekai)
Telecaster b boy (Original) (Sekai)
Showtime Ruler (Original) (Sekai)
fixer (Original) (Sekai)

At God's Mercy (Original) (Sekai)
Starry sky melody (Original) (Sekai)
Ego rock (Original) (Sekai)
What Sort of Ending Are You Wishing For? (Original) (Sekai) (...I'll figure out what to do about this later.)
Hoshizora Orchestra (Original) (Sekai)
Mr. Showtime (Original) (Sekai)
OKOCHAMA SENSO (Original) (Sekai)
Coral (Original) (Sekai)