By: OSTER Project

Cover featuring Nene, Rui, MEIKO, and KAITO

"Now, at the tip of the turning page, the continuation of this dazzling dream begins"

So many people passing by one another on the street corner,
A single irreplaceable story for each one of them
Surely, I wanted to be like that too

When I thought I wouldn’t reach the golden moon, the nestled up stars,
And the flowers wet with morning dew
I locked up my timid heart

I cast my eyes down and cried--my tears fell into the shape of a crown
And reflected a small burst of rainbow
They picked up my hand and I wasn’t alone

Because the voices singing next to me pushed my timid back,
I was given the magic to have wings
For my heart that I thought I locked up

I couldn’t realize it all by myself
The real me in my eyes
I raised my voice and said "I want to sing"
So I could urge myself to do so

In this world, one smile is tied
To everyone’s smile
So you see, we’re going to start
With your smile

If I pick and pile up the
Fallen and burst rainbows,
Will my feelings reach the someone
Who looked up at the sky, I wonder

(Ha Ha Ah Ah Ha Ha)

Everyone spun together a dream, even though it’s a small step,
Someday it will illuminate the world
I believe that, so I’m not scared anymore

The stories dancing next to me
Change the me who lived till yesterday
Now, at the tip of the turning page,
The continuation of this dazzling dream begins

Even if it’s different from my yearning I saw one day,
With the me that everyone scooped up,
And those legs, my story will start walking
Translation: Serene_Snowfall

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"On This Holy Night, I Sing" event song.

Note: The title translates to "RAINBOW-COLORED STORIES".

Fun fact: This is the only event song to not feature the full group singing, as well as the first one to feature more than one Virtual Singer. The devs have stated that this won't happen again.