Mr. Showtime

By: Hitoshizuku-P×Yama△

Featuring Miku, Rin, Len, Luka, MEIKO, and KAITO

You know what? I just can't make up my mind
It's so messed up that I can't put my thoughts together
The monologue echoes in the worldstage where I was
Left alone

Is it impossible for me to do this and that?
A merry-go-roundmy thought process goes round and round
The more I mess around and waste time, the more I become hungry
And I can't handle it

Here and there, moving forward and getting stuck
A cul-de-sac in a labyrinth?
It's a dead-end...but I won't give up!
Chase stardom!soar up high!
Then, where's the fun in being alone?
Let's gather chaotic people and reach for the stars

I can't reach out at all
I don't think I can. To the stars I wished on
Dreamers! Set up a ladder,
And let's climb, shall we?
I won't be afraid. I don't flinch, either.
It seems almost hopeless
Reckless, amusing story of adventure
Ain't no stopping me. Now, it's showtime!!

Hey, hey, hold on. It's weird.
My next lines slipped my mind......
I got lost in the worldstage and
The end credits rolledThe curtain fell

Why? How come? I feel pathetic......
Popcorn didn't popI can't hear any hand clapping
It's getting burned, and it's a flavor oftastes like defeat
It tastes so bitter

Being bothered by feeling anxious
Am I taking the long way? Am I making a fruitless effort?
The unexpectednessunexpected program is
The best part of the showmy life
Then, where's the fun in taking shortcuts all the time?
Fire on all cylinders! GoGo forward like a roller coaster; ups and downs, full speed ahead!

This is not funny at all
I'm pathetic. I can't satisfy myself
Challengers! Entrust our dreams to the fireworks,
And let's set off once again, shall we?
Even when the sky is dark at night, even when warm tears are shed
Blow away my melancholy
Oh, flowerslights and songssounds, please comfort me; see?
Lift up your face because the show must go on!!

The greed of an ordinary man
Crawl to move forward
Narcissist fools himself
Give it your all and act like you are the brightest star
Slay it!
Bluffing is fine! Am I having too much confidence?
Jumping the gun. Driving in a zigzag manner.
Huge bluffing on the stage; even if I get scolded harshly
An insatiable wondercuriosity; I can't stop it!

Words can't describe it.
Balloons filled with nostalgic stars carry the travelersour dreams and soar through the galaxy

It's not done yet. I'm not done yet
Though, someday......
Until the day comesThe hands of the clock point to the closing time

Dance the night away even more
Sing the night away; Stardust Parade
Our storiesdreams never end. Dreamers! Let's play, shall we?
I won't forget, I won't weep
Because it's not a goodbye
Extremely and boldly, ahh!
I move forward step by step
Shout out crazily, "Wonderhoy!"
This is how I write the reckless, amusing legend
Mr. Showtime
Translation: ahirutama

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"The Phoenix in the Distant Sky" event song.

Note: The lyrics are different between what is sung and what is written, hence the smaller text above some lines. For reference, the main, larger text is what is sung, while the smaller text is what is written.