Miracle Paint

By: OSTER Project

Cover featuring Wonderlands x Showtime and Miku

"I made this in earnest to tell my friends who always draw pictures that I love you from the bottom of my heart."

(Shabadaba pappapparappa
Shabadaba taturirappara
Shabadaba papaparapa
Shabadaba pa

Shabadira turira parira turira
Shabadira turiruri dada tiraru
Shabadira turira parira pari ra)

On my way back home, I watched a wine-red sunset
On a twilight canvas until it faded from view...
Is your heart already painting portraits of me?

We have plenty of time tonight
I'll be yours and yours alone
As we take slow, deep breaths, gazing at each other,

It begins

Miracle Painting
A miraculous showtime
Hypnotize me with your magic brush
Paint me in your color, all the way to the tips of my nails

(Turira purira papa
Riraru rupurira raparupa
Raruri rupariraru raparupira
Tura turira ruparuparuparupa
Piraru-ra shabadadi-ra
Pa-rura paririra rurarurarurarura
Sha-bada turarushabadira
Turabadadira diradirada
Piru piruturaturi raturaru

Paruririparapa shabadurirararu
Rira rurarurira papapi-ra rura-ra

Piraru sha-badaba papaparapa

While being showered in the limelight of a starlit sky in my favourite dress,
As you desperately watch me dance
Proudly on tiptoe, you...seem happy

Tonight, let's be more romantic than usual
Let's put powdered snow-coloured highlights in blue eyes
After the overlaying layers of love from holding me in your arms tightly

Is a stirring

Miracle Painting
Miracle romance
I'll put my love into every magic stroke,
And the tips of my hair to my toes, every part of me is yours

How many dreams have we counted tonight?
There are too many of my overflowing
Feelings to completely count or convey
I can't express them enough, not nearly enough

So don't end just yet

Miracle Painting
A miraculous showtime
Your magic brush has me under its spell
More, give me more, a colour just for me

Don't end, miracle painting
Your bewitching technique
Hold off a bit on the finishing touches
Because I'll tell you from my heart:

I love you!

(Shabaturira turira turara
Shabararu piruraraparuwa)
Translation: soundares, with updates from MeaningfulUsername

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