By: nulut

Cover featuring Tsukasa and Rui

(Space shuttle Discovery, uh)
(Still on its way to orbit after a, uh)
(Ascent trip...)

Until I erase my memories of everything until today, I won't be able to sleep
I just can't help but wish that someone would take my place living this life from tomorrow on
Let me say it'll be okay, and after that, won't you let me pin the blame on you?
It doesn't matter at this point, so, after that, won't you let me pin the blame on you?
For all the promises I can't keep

It's to the point where, all because those few words, few words are finally overflowing,
My mind has been stolen from me,
How I can't make sense of things, how I can't do anything at all
I can't see, I want to leave, I want to flee, I want to stop, I can't avoid it

Sink me, sink me
Until I can no longer crawl my way back up
Until I'm sick of it all
Let me fall, let me fall
Until you dangle salvation before me

I bite them all to bits, every single scream locked up inside my throat, tasting every single grain of lies
With this shoddy excuse for a smile, I let time fly by, acting as if I know what I'm talking about
I never wanted to end up like this

I wait for those sleepy, sleepy ideals
Of being useful today to come save me
The first thing I say with my lips stretched wide,
Powerfully, stiffly, painfully biting my lip...

Drop dead
On the floor, on the floor
Without a care for the future or the past.
If you hate me,
Break me, break me
If that's how it's going to be, you can be the one who does it

Before I wearily spit out this
More-than-I-can-stomach frustration
And this barren sadness,
Come on
Come on
It's your turn to sing

(Space shuttle Discovery, uh)
(Still on its way to orbit after a, uh)
(Successful, uh...ascent up through main engine cut off)

(Sink me, sink me...)
(Let me fall, let me fall...)

If that's how it's going to be,
Dance a dance
Before it all goes gray,
Make some noise
Change, change
Until you fall into dreamland

If that's how it's going to be,
Steal it, steal it
Dig up these tamed lies for all to see
I was looking at the false image
That flashed through my boiling mind
I was looking at myself
Translation: MML!opinions!Fun!Chocolate!

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Fun fact: The sampled english audio in this comes from a recording of a mission from the Discovery space shuttle. I think it's mission STS-41D, which was the Discovery's very first mission.