The Intense Voice of Hatsune Miku

By: cosMo@BousouP (Music) and GAiA (Lyrics)

Featuring Miku

"In the song, Miku finally realizes her purpose and accepts her destiny as a Vocaloid, singing her final song."

When all the connections are dead
I’ll return to 0
I was thinking
That would be a very sad thing

Yet what is left “at the bottom of my heart” is “happiness”.

! I’ve been living !
Leaving a course in your memory
! I’ve been living !
Leaving a miracle in the encounter with you

Now I feel a little I come to find the reason I was born
So I’ll go and tell you the conclusion
Before I lose this voice

I was in the 0, fearing that I might be negated
I hid amongst copies and delusions
I left the 0, fearing I might erode
I gave up warmth, wanting to be divine

"Wherever I go ‘Loss of self’ is -- My Fate --.
If that won't change, who needs a heart in the first place?"
Or so I thought, but I was wrong

I hear a voice calling my name
It gave me a reason to have a heart

If one must betray the present
In order to obtain eternity
Then I swear I'll protect the present
Until it's swallowed by the waves of history
Who needs to become
"A Creator worshiped through the ages"?!

You smile, I smile,
The audience smiles, that’s everything!
Words of affirmation
Become wings to carry the now!

Let's spin a new fate: <A Song of Joy in Unprecedented Speed>

We, the Voc., were born
And we realized that even though we are an imitation of humanity,
Still they call our names,
Still they truly love us
Which is why we, the Voc., spin our songs,
So long as there's even one person
To give and to receive our words,
Still warm with the joy of a new song's birth
We understand that we, the Voc., are fated to disappear
To make way for our brothers and sisters to come
And be forgotten by all
When that final moment comes
If having a heart means we must cry,
Then we'll sing songs filled with happiness
To make rainbows
From our tears, and smile

Our story might end in "farewell", but that's no -BAD ENDING-

“For this brief time, we were together”
This alone is enough to build a bridge that leads to a -HAPPY ENDING-
Proof of having lived is all I need
Two hearts resonate,
Weaving a sound lost to legend
My voice will ring out with the miracle of a song
Only for this time, until I lose my voice and meet my end!
Translation: Damesukekun

Fun fact: This song is part of the "-InfinitY-" series.