The Daughter of Evil

By: mothy

Featuring Rin

"Ohohohoho. Come, kneel to me!"

Come, kneel to me!"

Once upon a time
Reigning at the top
Of a fiendish kingdom was
A noble girl of age 14

Luxurious and splendid furnishings
A servant whose face greatly resembled hers
A favorite horse named Josephine
Everything, everything was hers

If there wasn't enough money
Choke it from the ignorant masses
Those that would oppose me
Completely purge them

"Come, kneel to me!"

The flower of evil sweetly blooms
With brilliant color
The pitiful weeds around her
Indeed, they'll turn to nourishment and rot away

The tyrant princess was in love with
A blue man of across the sea
Though he fell in love at first sight
With a green woman in the neighboring country

The princess, mad with jealousy
One day summoned her cabinet minister
And said in a quiet voice
"Send to ruin the kingdom of green"

Many houses reduced to ashes
Many lives disappearing
The suffering people's lamentations
Don't reach the princess

"Oh, it's tea time"

The flower of evil sweetly blooms
With maddening color
Although it's a very lovely flower
Indeed, there are too many thorns to touch it

To overthrow the evil princess
At last the people rose up
Leading the disorderly mob was
A female swordsman in red armor

Their rage accumulated in conviction
Wrapped up the whole country
Soldiers tired from the long war
Weren't a threat

Finally they surrounded the palace
The retainers escaped
The adorable and lovely princess
At last was captured

"You insolent thug!"

The flower of evil sweetly blooms
With colors that seem sad
The paradise for her
Indeed will collapse, brittle and transient

Once upon a time
There was a noble girl of age 14
Who reigned at the top
Of a fiendish kingdom

The time of her execution was 3 P.M.
A time when church bells would ring
That person who was called princess
What did they think, alone in jail?

Finally that time arrived
The bells signaling the end rang
Without taking notice of the crowd
She said

"Oh, it's tea time"

The flower of evil pitifully scatters
With brilliant color
Afterwards, people will say
Indeed, she was certainly the Daughter of Evil
Translation: Pricecheck Translations

Note: This was added as part of a collaboration with Evillious Chronicles, a multimedia project. The collaboration focused specifically on the Seven Deadly Sins sub-series. This song follows Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche and represents the sin of Vanity.

Fun fact: This song has an alternate english title of "The Princess of Lucifer".