The Bubble Future

By: Negi Shower P

Featuring Miku

Looking out over the street lights, my heart is overflowing
The spiral jam stops no one in their tracks
Cast the dice thousands of times. Come, spin around dear speedy cat
Play the melody as if you can predict what happens in the future

Disaster! The red door opened and beyond that...

Want to take a bet? To this star's starlight
Let even love bloom until it grows hazy
Now, give me a true life and embrace me at midnight
On this night, we will win ourselves a transient future

A rock-solid story, I don’t want those kinds of things
It's as if the world can be rewritten by a single gold coin!
"To a future much much greater than what we envisioned"
While frolicking around I fell down, ah, I’m covered in wounds!
Your lips are camouflaged. Let's postpone the toast for the time being, okay?

I want to

Run off with it into your eyes, yes, that incomplete sunshine
Embrace everything and let us dance!
"Hey, just how far are you going to go?"
I laugh it off and run towards the future
Translation: Hiraethie, with edits from Violet330

Winner of the ProSEKA NEXT Song Contest. There was no theme.