on the rocks

By: OSTER Project

Featuring MEIKO and KAITO

"'Don't get drunk on sake, get drunk on me...' (suave voice)."

Suddenly unable to move at the street corner, I look up at the stifling sky
Ugh, I'm about to choke from my office working routine.

As if this back alley in which I've lost my way is reflected fascinatingly,
This stimulating situation lies deep within everyday life

At this place where our heated desires intersect,
Our feverish gazes intertwine, it's just like a cocktail of emotions

Drunk off this sweet mood, we're falling head over heels
These boring rules we've built up around us will just melt away with the ice

I wonder, am I the woman of your destiny? What number am I?
"A once in a lifetime meeting," that's just a cheap pickup line

Today again, it seems I'll be manipulated by that mysterious magical power,
Enough to completely dissolve my cold philosophy of love

From your reddening face in profile to deep in my chest, it overflows
Your sighs lead me astray, enough that I can't turn back

Tonight, we throw away my uptight self and get naked
The world seen beyond the glass gets far more daring than usual

on the rocks
What an irritating gesture, you say, "the night is still young"
And after taking a nice slow stare, I like it strong

In this room where our heated desires intersect,
I want to forget time and indulge with you, we mix together like a cocktail

on the rocks
Tear away this tight dress and get me naked
Today's a double rather than single, scorch me from my throat onwards

on the rocks
Moved by the affection of this mood, the heartbeat of this love accelerates
On this stimulating, hot night, I like it strong
Translation: OccasionalSubs