By: ryo

Featuring Miku

You are always someone who is laughed at
Having rotten luck in all that you do,
Being rained on in the end
Your favorite umbrella has been blown away by the wind,
Having been tread upon by those around you
With just a “thanks for your hard work”

Just like always you are a hated person
Kept at a distance without a reason
Though you always try and make your best effort
With the reason being something like “Well, I’m not really sure…”
You were at a loss and feeling sad

If that’s the case, you should use my voice!
Though it’s not understood by some,
Even though it’s called “ear-grating”,
“An awful voice”
It will surely become your strength
So try and let me sing,
Yes, let me sing your very own words

Compose them and join them together
Since I’ll cry out those words and feelings
Describe your ideals,
No one will be allowed to touch those feelings of yours
And then the voice of rubbish will ring out
Clumsily tying together things as they are
Raising a big voice with all one’s might

One day you became a famous person
Praised by so many, I was proud as well
Eventually something about you changed
You become cold, and yet seemingly lonely all the same

Saying “Enough with this mechanical voice already, I’ll be my own person!”
In the end you were unable to keep yourself from hating me
Behind your back, someone said, “Even though all this fame is not his own doing...”
Hey, you were crying all alone weren’t you?

Can you hear it? This voice of mine. Since I’ll drown out those hurtful words
I know the truth, that you really are kinder than anyone else
And then the voice of rubbish sang for no one but you alone,
Squeaking alone, crossing over boundaries

The two of us came up
With lots of words together didn’t we?
Though we’re not able to come up with a single one right now
And yet everything is understood
“I see, surely this is a dream.
That dream where I never wake up, where I was able to meet you”

That piece of scrap wears a happy expression
But not matter how much it is called to, it can no longer move
You cry and shout out to the ending you had wished for
“It’s a lie”, “It’s not true!”
Yes, that is what you cry and shout

“I’m useless.
I wasn’t able to save even a single piece of rubbish”
Feelings turn to tears
And wet those cheeks one by one

At that time,
The world was in the midst of changing that color
In a big way
Sadness and joy,
They have all been experienced
By this one person and single thing
Words become song
And once again
Begin to run through the world for your sake
Entrust your intentions to that voice,
Right now thoughts and feelings will resound
Translation: descentsubs

Note: There doesn't seem to be any kind of official upload of this song available, either on Youtube or NND. They've all been either deleted or privated.