Music Like Magic!

By: OSTER Project

Featuring Miku

1, 2, 3, and the world is changed
By this music, just like magic;
I'll send to you

(Ooh, Ha~ah!)
Even though every day is fulfilled
You start longing for some thrills
The heart is a fickle mille-feuille
If you're so bored
Lend me your ear
And taste with your headphones
This story I'll gift you

A fountain of melodies
Dive in and make a rainbow
Changing into many shapes
If you want to stay
Always brilliant
Let's adventure again and again

Tell me, do you like this song?
Holding hands together and Dancin' (Dancin'!) Dancin' (Dancin'!)
You're feeling excited
So let's keep on going
Our voices together. Singin' (Singin'!) Singin' (Singin'!)
Always by your side
There's a song for every different kind of heart

(Oooh, Haaah!)
A ballad to heal the scrapes on your heart
Or an upbeat number to keep you looking ahead
Even the slightest shifts
Change the colors of like
But don't despair,
Let's do our best

Wings of freedom to take you anywhere
Inside of your right pocket
Wanting to be noticed
Connected by a touch of a finger in this day and age
So I'll sing a song, again and again

Twinkle like a shooting star
Such exciting Music (Music!), Music (Music!)
Always deep inside your heart
Pulsing, ringing, illuminating
Our world, Lovin' (Lovin'!), Lovin' (Lovin'!)
Taking each other's hands
The loneliness melts away
There's nothing to be afraid of anymore

(Ooh, haah! Tutu!)

Nice to meet you
I'll send you this song
Singin', Singin'
Listen with your heart
Another brand new page
To string these feelings together
A story yet to be seen

Hey, do you know this song?
Even if you don't, Dancin' (Dancin'!), Dancin' (Dancin'!)
No need to be afraid anymore
Come on, you can keep on going
Raise your voice, Singin' (Singin'!), Singin' (Singin'!)
There's no such thing as an end
A brand new self
Is just beyond the turn of the page

Music Like Magic
It's always here
The door to a great adventure

(Oooh, Ooh wah!)
Translation from the official upload

Fun fact: This was the theme song for Miku EXPO 2018 Europe.