Mikumiku Ni Shiteageru [Shiteyanyo]

By: ika_mo

Featuring Miku

"C'mon! Let's all Miku Miku!"

I've come here
From beyond the bounds of science
I didn't come with a leek
But I wouldn't mind having one

Um, I wonder if you could hurry up and install me on your PC
Is something wrong? You've been staring at the package forever

I'm gonna

Miku-Miku you
And push myself to sing better
I'm gonna fill your heart with Miku!
So you'd better get ready

I'll Miku-Miku you, for reals
I'll do my best to the very end
I'll Miku-Miku you, for reals
So why don't you relax a little

I'm gonna Miku-Miku you
I'll make you more Miku-Miku
Than anyone else in the world♪
So please, give me more to sing
Translation from Project DIVA F2nd

Note: The title translates to "I'll Miku-Miku You [For Reals]".