By: ryo

Featuring Miku

"A song about a shy girl in love with a boy."

When I woke up this morning
The first thing I thought of was you
I made up my mind, and cut my bangs short
Just so you'd ask me "Why?"

Pink skirt, flower pin in my hair
I'm going out
I'm looking cute today!

Melt! I feel like I'm gonna melt away
I can't tell you I like you, but then I...
Melt! I can't even look you in the eye
I won't fall for love, not me

But...I really do like you

The weather report lied
It's pouring down
My umbrella still folded in my bag won't do
So I gave a sigh

"I guess I'll have to let you in"
Beside me you say, laughing
That was the sound that made me fall in love

Melt! I can hardly breathe
My hand, touching yours, is trembling
My heart is racing under this half of the umbrella
If you should stretch out your hand to close the distance, what'll I do…?!

My feelings will reach you

I wish time would stop, I feel like I could cry
So happy, I feel like I could die!

Melt! Pulling into the station
The end of the line for us, so near, so far
Melt! I want to hold your hand in mine
Do we already have to say goodbye?

I want you to take me in your arms!
...You wish!
Translation from Project DIVA, with parts from ArtemisA