By: cosMo@BousouP

Featuring Miku

"You should be proud, doll. Because you get to break a lot of fingers."

Machine Gun Poem Doll sings my crushed emotions
I can't let my voice out, I squeeze out
My hidden, broken desire

A precise metronome and speakers
Does its job exemplarily, a chirping and chirping sound
What's wrong with that? I don't get it
I'll do everything you want me to do, exactly how you want


「1, 2, 3, 4」

Collared and obedient, repressed and uplifted--still not enough
Present all your senses with a formal bow
"It's like being a Virtual Singer!!!!!"
I speak for you, I sing for you, I raise my voice in ecstasy

C'mon! Let's dance together
I stared down at the tablet, grimly looking with my bloodshot eyes
Frustrated by the musical score that wouldn't come together even if I crushed my sliced-up fingers to a pulp

C'mon! Let's sing together
Please be unaware of everything, let me crush my burning throat and cry
Let us validate and comfort each other's messy, mushy passions

Aah, I can't keep my emotional valve closed
--Punish him.

"You're in trouble!"
"You're in trouble!"
It's the worst possible B2B, coming together and only pretending that everything's going well

Duda-dada-dada-dida Machine Gun Poem
Bullet filling and loading, verbalphysical violence
Read an explosive tale aloud for me,
As a tribute to a life scattered in the wind

Duda-dada-dada-dida I can't let my voice out
An authentic, true release of a broken song
Your poem that nobody loved,
I'll pick it up for you

After all, that's bondage
After all, that's adoration
After all, that's mania
After all, that's revenge


Beat machines and impossibly fast vertical lyrics
An expression with no physicality, whose heart is it going to capture?
I ripped it off, that rhyme and flow, I didn't need it after all!
All that was left was the empty voice I whittled down for your sake

"Embrace death!!!!!"

Beat machines and impossibly fast vertical lyrics
Music that doesn't create perfection, showing its existence through madness
Feelings bubbling up with boiling point bugs, this tune feels like it's about to fall apart
A song born just to play its rhythm

"Only I will sing it!"

Your poem that nobody loved,
I'll finish it for you
The melody that no one could sing--

"You don't need anyone but me"
Translation: KEL!

Note: If you're wondering about the weird corrupted text in this, it was the only way I could think to denote that vocalization. To me it just sounds like a very glitchy "ahh" so. If anyone has a better idea, I'm all ears.