Leia - Remind

By: Yuyoyuppe

Featuring Luka

Let me hear your voice, purify this stagnant heart
I'll paint over the canvas of lies
Today again

I felt like I was touched by an endless illusion
"What should I call it?" The unchanging temperature
Before the smiles eat up at my insides
I locked up today, the future I see colored in gray

As for what I wish, it's imaginary; deserted lies
If you can grant them, tell me more

Adorning the love that overflowed from my heart
I piled it with your voice, the bliss far away
If it has a shape, if it's falling apart
I don't need these eyes, just hold me

The endless illusion laughed sadly
"What should I call it?" The resounding words colored in gray

Eternity quietly stopped my breathing
And left me in despair

When the ticking stops, this world will end
Words that only wish don't hold any meaning
Smile a little more, pray a little more
If you can't hear me, then just kill me

Let me hear your voice, purify this stagnant heart
I'll bury the canvas of lies with you
If I don't have the means to leave behind proof of us two
Then engrave me with this warmth and kill me


Translation: Streetneko, verified by Damesukekun

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