I want to be your heart

By: YurryCanon

Featuring GUMI

With Miku as backing vocals
"Goodnight world"

Will I someday be able to act as someone's
Reason to live, even as they lament this world?
These are the words I have for you
My very first and very last words of love

Both the town and its people are warped
Full of monsters, as I realized
Their foolishness rooted in desire--
These eyes see everything

All are theatrically made to dance
At the hands of a puppeteer
Unaware even of the reason we were born into this world,
Our hollowed dreams have turned to rust

"Please, give me love"
All had surely prayed as such
"Please, give me love"
Grasping onto a slightly shaky hand
"Please, give me love"
Carve out my heart with a love so pathetically beautiful

Will I someday be able to act as someone's reason to live,
Even as they lament this world?
Ever since the day I realized it would eventually all end
A living heart counting every second toward death

Hey, I wouldn't care if I drowned in the rain right here
And melted into a deep blue
So please, oh please just as you'd done back then,
Could you hold out your umbrella and smile for me?

If I had never awoken from this dream,
Would things have remained this way forever?
The warmth drains from my fingers as they slip away
What makes my blood flow on? Whose memories?

An abandoned railway wet by the rain
A soot-stained hospital ward
Electrical towers lined in a row
A bus stop at evening
A ferris wheel left stopped
The flowers blooming atop your desk, your voice--ah, it's as if
None of it had existed in the first place

Hoping to die, I live on another day
Wanting to live, you lose sight of the future
Yet why must we be sad?
To die someday is to be human

There may be no such thing as eternity,
These days may not be the ones that we had wanted
Yet the next daybreak comes,
Held together by a thin, fragile thread

No matter what sort of world we live in,
I'm willing to live on if you're a part of it
Within my hell, you were my heart
Beating on without fail

Just as you had done for me...
If I could've become someone else's heart...
Translation: Coleena Wu

Note: The original japanese title (Dareka no Shinzou ni Nareta Nara) translates to "If I Could've Become Someone Else's Heart"