*Hello, Planet

By: sasakure.UK

Featuring Miku

"Please cherish you and anybody you love; Good morning-ing."

The Shelter alarmed and I woke up alone
Peep, peep, nothing seems to be wrong
The mailbox is probably empty
There's no sprout from the flowerpot yet

The tender blue sky crumbles
To make the star quiet

They're connecting: dream and Metlogica
It's revolving: Roads' Entropica
Yes or No? Wonderful Literarica
Before or After? Go to Technopolica

"Tick-tack-toe headfirst moon"
I want to find you
I want to make more conversation with you

To my lonely bed, Good morning-ing
To a Coelacanth tail, Good morning-ing
To a Sphinx riddle, Good morning-ing
To you in my cache memory, Good morning-ing

There's so many important items,
But I don't need anything but this;
What you showed me last
There's no sprout from the flowerpot yet

"Debris began to rain"
Here's a plastic umbrella
Don't let your heart rust

To a sunbathing Angel, Good morning-ing
To the polka dot dancing sky, Good morning-ing
To the marmalade ground, Good morning-ing
From you in my cache memory, Good morning-ing

I saw you sleeping in silence
I heard drops trickle down
How come it's so sad,
It's so...so...sad

To earthbathing LOVE, Good morning-ing
To morning and day and night, Good morning-ing
To the rhythm of universal galaxy, Good morning-ing
Between Adam and Eve, Good morning-ing

I've wanted to see you, Good morning-ing
To "You," a newborn, Good morning-ing
Translation: KataGatar