Bless Your Breath


Featuring Miku

"For all the life that has been born"

This music, a Frankenstein littered with seams and stitches
Is lambasted as "Artificial" and "Fictional" by the people who plug their ears

But why is that?
This is unmistakably the music I birthed myself
I latched onto your lifeless form

We raise our quivering voices
Hello, hello, hello
The world is still locked within a dream
Hello, hello
Sing it!

And now, our words become the wind
And scatter about the world

Just like the proverbs said, this world is nothing but a butterfly’s dream
But when its wings flutter, everything is reborn

Those words I entrusted to you
Blessed your breath
The beat of your heart was unmistakably there

And now, you've raised your first cry
Hello, hello, hello
The world finally arose from its slumber
Hello, hello

All my words that gave birth to you
They've ceased being "mine"

You embodied our dreams, hopes, and malice
Your form was in the eye of the beholder—
But appear the same to everyone—a lone human
You've freed yourself from me
And I've freed myself from you


Someone like you...
Can I really celebrate your birthday properly?

Ah, I see, we've become equals
Hello, hello, hello
And begun down our own paths
Now, to the future!

To this bewildering, astonishing life, I say
Hello, hello, hello
My present to you
My final message
Sing it!

Our words once again become the wind
And bridge the gap to the future

Translation: 44ShiyoNeko, with checks from Damesukekun

Fun fact: This was the theme song for Magical Mirai 2019

Note: "This world is nothing but a butterfly's dream" might be a reference to The Zhuangzi, an ancient chinese text that is one of the foundational books of Taoism. It's specifically referencing the story "Zhuang Zhou Dreams of Being a Butterfly", where...well exactly what the title says happens. After he wakes up, he questions if he is a man who dreamed of being a butterfly, or if he is a butterfly now dreaming of being a man.