Yobanashi Deceive

By: Jin

Cover featuring Akito, Toya, and Len

"The story of deceiving one's eyes."

A floating, bebop sensation, as the night diffuses my reflection
Shining with the two-beat - I guess I can complain sometimes, huh?
Hey, can I talk for a bit? It's about some stupid, hurtful habits,
But I can't keep still anymore - it's just a short tale
You up for one?

Well, I guess I'll get talking. There's something unique, unusual about me;
I've disguised it as common, but it's always troubled me
One day - feels like it's been ten years now - a "monster" spoke to me,
Gulped down my heart, and said "Keep on lying!"

Since then, I've been a true liar,
Nothing and no one I couldn't fool
I guess I've been reduced to a "monster"...
...Hey, sorry! Don't cry, now! It's all just a tall tale, okay?

Oh my, dirty! So disgraceful! I falsify it all;
So I say - but doesn't this truth seem a little uncanny?
I'm deceiving, turn the other way as the lies pile on;
Once again, I sneer at the tedium...

Bebop - could vanish any moment, a girl who seems to hate night;
Two-beat - could cry in a second, a youth who hates lies
Yes, much the same way, they had input their petty "ideals,"
And their hearts were gulped, and afterward, they noticed...

We simply had our wishes granted,
So there's no way we can live alone in our world
Is that a lie? No way, I'm serious, okay?
My crumbling mind fills with "no"...

Oh my, dirty! Listen closely! Listen to my heart
To my ego, to these lies, and to my truths...
Go and say it's lonely, it won't change me
I'm always a surpriser, making jaws drop...

Oh my, dirty! How I hate it! Come on, listen to me!
You look surprised, but I can't be saved, alright?
Just say "Ain't no problem"? Ah, you never change
"Whoops, I screwed up..." As always, I'm drowning in my uncanny self...
Translation: vgperson

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Note: The title translates to "Night Tales Deceive".

This is part of a long running multimedia series called Kagerou Project! This song specifically centers on the character Kano. You all are so lucky I'm holding myself back from talking more about it.

(Note that this wasn't part of the actual KagePro collab that happened later though, this was added separately.)

The main thing you need to know is this blonde boy can hold So many problems and he lives in my head rent free.