Children Record

By: Jin

Featuring IA

"Story of children who face forward. 'The boys and girls are feverish. Here there are extra innings'"

With white earphones in my ears, I give the signal with a little grin.
The moment I knocked on the door, the heat permeating me floods out...
"You still don't see?"
A staring contest with strained eyes
When I faltered then, the chord rang out:
"Now's the time, take it back!", as if from inside my mind...

The world so lovable yet harsh, there were some who loathed it,
With their cruelly irrational "system";
If I approve, then the future won't exist...

Boys and girls, face forwards, finding hope in even the unbearable heat
"Bring it back!" "Bring it back!"
The crescent moon rises in red flames...
Now, come, write the code in 0's;
Head to the world outside the imaginary,
To the overstated warfront of fantasy...

"Go on ahead," you stick out your tongue, simple eyes feigning cockiness
With their password, "Hey, it's my turn," the awoken, restless child won't stop
The night's getting dark; for the "children,"
They're brightly-burning extra innings
Adversity is the cool thing, isn't it?
Can't sleep, not yet; come, hurry! Hurry!!

In-tempo, we meet our gazes, and when the beat resounds with a high touch,
Isn't it too late to think about it? Come on, just get with us!
With one chord, we meet our gazes, and when you're wrapped in the bouncing groove,
You should see it's not a joke, between the gaps of the high-end scenery...

So what do you think of this heat, and our values that just so happen to meet?
"Not so bad, is it?" When we open our eyes, and clasp our hands...
Even these surprisingly cheap words, we dispute them as "passwords."
And I face forward just a little...

Boys and girls, face forwards, finding hope in only the shimmering heat
Recall, and bring to words, your miraculous encounters and farewells...
"You know, about that wild world; I laughed it off as being just too harsh..."
So ends the signal...

Boys and girls, face forwards! Find hope in only the dizzying heat!
"Take it in hand!" "Take it in hand!"
The blazing sun rises in red flames...
Now, come, it's the call. Let's make this the end
The best plan of action has opened your eyes
From the overstated warfront of daydream,
To beyond a mobius strip of emotion...
Translation: vgperson

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Note: This was added as part of a collaboration with Kagerou Project, a long running multimedia series. This song is essentially the theme song for the whole series.