By: Giga-P (music and arrangement) and Reol (lyrics)

Featuring Rin and Len

(Hey) (Grow up! Nah mean?)
(Ooh hah...) (Track Giga)

Pa pa lu pa lalalala ah~!

(Hey hey hey hey)
Rettou Joutou, BRING IT ON
(Hey hey hey hey)
Highest islands, restless Japan

A kid's game, this Mathematica
It's so obvious, the tricks, but
I've no pride!

How grand, playing officer are you?
Just to play it safe up here, how dull is this (It's boring)
Come on, more mistakes, Bring it!
And do something about this boredom,

Mama, after all,
I can't end in a place like this.
It's so lukewarm, it's driving me crazy!
Farewell, to the plays and pretends,
You know, staying like this for life
Fuck that!

Dun-dun-dun - I'm going to be a grown-up!
Knowing the bitter, the sweet, and now
Pa-ppa-ppa - Times fly by so fast
It's not all terrible, now, is it?
The past, the sins, punishments, all of it
With my bare hands, my love, I'll live through it all and serve a payback

Oh, ahh...

Yeah, taunting are we, no doubt
See you're always tending to that green girl.
Now, burn up, when's my certificate coming?
Come on, grade it, where is it that I'm wrong?
Drinks, bitches, money, drugs - Oops! Gotta comply
Chill aight, take a joke man - just dark humor

Stuck in shit that just makes me want to say "fuck it"
Hell, I'm in so many I don't have enough fingers! Hands up
And what's up loser?
You were always one, heh, Bring it on

Don't need that "calm down"
I'll keep wanting it until I'm dead
Growing tall - a goodbye-kiss to my hometown
Highlight reel's rolling now, get ready!

Dan-dan-dan, We're going to be grownups!
Aiming for the chance to counter those shitty days
With a swift strike
No one can read the future, we're still tied even here
The bugs, the losses, the fuck-ups, all of it.
With my bare hands, I'll live, live through it and overthrow it

(Rin n' Len in da space show)

It's always the small stuff I can't let go of
Get it? My aesthetic
This thick-headed fist alone is my ace up the sleeve
Rings the inferiority, "I'm out!" "Peace!"

(Woah oh oh oh...)

This is far from over!

Dun-dun-dun, I'm going to be a grown-up!
Knowing the bitter, the sweet, and now
A future where we cross paths in radiance
I'm not a kid anymore, you can get that much right?
The ages, opportunities, they won't wait around
With my bare hands, risking my life, I'll live through it, Bring it on!

An age of love!

(Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey)
Well then, everyone, we'll take our leave. Bye, guys!
Translation: Firingsniper

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Note: According to the translator, "Rettou Joutou" doesn't have a very good way to translate that's "short/cool", so it was left as is. The common translation I found was "Inferiority Superiority", and while that is the direct translation, it kinda loses some of the punch/attitude the rest of the song has imo (and is also just awkward as hell to try and sing). The translator says that the line basically means "I'm inferior to everyone else? That's just what I want! Bring it on!"