Aun no Beats

By: Hanyuu Maigo

Cover featuring Akito and Toya

"Hey, it's Hanyuu Maigo. Recently my skin peeled."

Everyone has gone somewhere and became nothing
They had it coming
I wanted to believe it, so I stopped voicing it out
Why do I want to be loved?
Why do I want to love?
I dressed it up and shared it

My sympathy is due to vagueness
And my fearless sensory
Don’t worry, don’t worry, it’s okay
I will make you smile
giving and receiving
Stay here so you won’t disappear
“Please reply to me too”

For whose sake are the things you told me?
Would it be bad of me to search for the answer inside of myself?
Why do I want to enlighten you?
Repair the vague answer
The rain falls and our love has left

My irony is due to clarity, and
My indecisive “follow me”
Regret and regret at the end of night
I’ve just been dreaming dreams all along, huh?
Giving and receiving too much
I laughed, because I want you to forgive me
So then, “I’d be able to stay here”

I held up my heart to you
Give it back someday,
Be gentle, okay?
I really wanted to go back
Going back after this is fine too

Were going to be together forever
We were going to be together forever
Don’t worry, don’t worry
It’s a wonderful end for us both
Giving and receiving
I never needed to look for the words
Even so, I wanted to hear them from you

(We were going to be together forever)

Even so
Even so
Even so

“I want you to say it to me”
Translation: Serene_Snowfall, checked by Forgetfulsubs

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Note: There's not a full Sekai version of this out yet. Once it releases, I'll link the proper version of the song and update the color coding on the lyrics.

Fun fact: The title is a reference to a japanese expression that translates to "Aun Breathing", which basically refers to when two people are so in sync, they don't need to verbally communicate their feelings to each other, to the point they even breathe in unison.