Kimi no Yoru Wo Kure

By: FulikawaHonpo

Featuring Miku and Luka

All along, I’d been wanting to tell you.
About the nights that I’ve lost
It doesn’t sadden me,
And though I miss them all the same, that’s alright with me.

On sleepless nights, once the lights are all out,
I try to lose myself in a cup of coffee that’s gone cold.
And if I drop the needle on that record I’ve been borrowing,
I’ll be able to dance with these pathetic steps of mine!

All along, all along, I’d been longing for the dawn of a new day, for a "today" that won’t fade away.

Even if tonight they were to sink into today’s night,

I’m sure that the lights that shine upon the shadows of the city
Seemed more gentle than yesterday, so I’ll close my eyes.
And head to sleep.

Give me your night.

All along, all along, I’d been wanting to hear it.
The sound of laughter in the dawn of a new day!

Although tonight, even today’s night will be coming to an end.

I’ll turn the lights on low, cast my eyes down,
And pour the still cold coffee down my throat.
If my tears fall on that record I’ve been borrowing,
Go ahead and laugh at my pathetic self once more.

I’m sure that the lights that shine upon the shadows of the city seemed more gentle than yesterday,
So, today, I can sleep embraced in warmth.

Give me your night.

Translation: Luna Amatista

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"And Now, I Wear This Ribbon" event song.

Note: The title translates to "Give Me Your Night".

Look ok I try to keep these notes semi-professional sounding but I don't know WHAT'S going on with the singers here and I'm going insane. I'm almost certain this is fucked up. There are no text sources I can find that say who sings what line, I could only find a video with it. And that video doesn't. Feel right in certain spots?? The main issue is there's spots where I can HEAR the other singer singing too (just not on leading vocals, only the harmonies) but it's labled as a solo line. This wouldn't be an issue except that I can barely hear Luka over Miku (not just a this song issue, thats just an issue I have with a lot of Miku-Luka duets), so it's hard to figure out exactly who sings where. Also, the video doesn't color code the english lyrics, so I have no idea if the lines are correct in terms of who is singing which lines in english, and while usually I'd use the Sekai version as reference like I did with Starry sky melody, the lines are distributed and cut way differently to where it isn't much help. If anyone wants to help correct this or if you find the color coding somewhere else as text, please let me know. It's 2 am and I had to work an extra hour today I'm tired :dead: