Jack Pot Sad Girl

By: syudou

Featuring Nightcord at 25:00 and Miku

A life within the standard deviation
Hiding your expression rotted your character away
Look, look, by the time you realize it, it’s happening again,
The days are only passing by

Both the desire to express yourself and extraordinary talent
Are nothing if you live pointlessly
No, just no, I don’t wanna do it
I lament but I’m still the same

Screwing in unacceptable emotions is love

I am the
Jackpot Sad Girl
Still unable to comprehend each other, during these days where we draw the end roll with points and lines
The thoughts I hold close that I’m unable to tell a soul are what really have worth
The answer I was looking for, that’s like the future, is in my hands

Only having logical arguments are super boring
Life is just one kind of a joke
Hello, hello, at my whim,
If you make that sound, then look

My nous and esteem are super unstable
Things like a stable plan are truly tedious
Look, look, inside of me
At the bottom of my heart

Reflected in the darkly stagnating fish tank was my smile

Jackpot Sad Girl
Even if we can’t comprehend each other, let the beat deep in our hearts resonate strongly
By facing it head-on, fair and square, and with pride, I’ll make a mistake
The knife I’m concealing doesn’t suit me, but it’s state of the art due to heresy


Hey teach, this place is a lawless zone
According to you, it’s too late, for this place has withered and died out already like an Anökumene
Plants can’t grow and humans can’t inhabit it anymore
It’s a cheap and kitsch asteroid

Hey teach, aren’t you just an idiot
You still don’t understand these seething feelings
If you’re a bigot then just study
I’ll show you a pure, ignorant, and idle glorification here

Even so, I am the
Jackpot Sad Girl
I wonder, can we comprehend each other—while we still hold close all kinds of anxiety and sloth,
And without being able to say anything to anyone, we’ll advance as we are
The answer we were looking for, that’s like the future, is in our hands.
There it is
Translation: Serene_Snowfall

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"Imprisoned Marionette" event song.

Fun Fact: the bridge makes reference and seems to be responding to Sand Planet/DUNE by Hachi.