Into The Night

By: Ayase

Cover featuring Kanade and Miku

It's like we're sinking, it's like we're melting,
On that night where the sky stretched endlessly, just for the two of us

It was only a simple "goodbye,"
But it was all I needed to understand.
The sinking sun and your figure
Were overlapping beyond the fence.

Ever since the first day we met,
You stole all of my heart
Wrapped in some sort of fragile air,
You had a lonely gaze

Again and again in the world
Always ringing with "tick-tocks"
Even if the tears seem about to spill
Over touching thoughtless words and irritating voices,
As long as we're together,
I'm sure we can find an ordinary happiness.

In the troubling days, for the never-smiling you,
I give my utmost wishes for a dazzling tomorrow
Before we fall in the never-ending night,
Come and take my hand
Even the days where you shut yourself away, wanting to forget,
I'll melt with the warmth of my embrace,
So don't be afraid. Until the sun rises again someday,
Let's be together

I hate it when you stare at
The things only you can see
Like you're captivated by it, or you're in love
I hate that expression

The things I want to believe but I can't
No matter what I do
They'll pop up again and again from now on
And every time I'll get angry and cry
Even so, someday we'll surely, we'll
Understand each other; I believe that

"I don't want this, I'm tired of it"
I frantically reach for your hand, but you push my hands away
"I don't want this, I'm tired of it"
To tell the truth, I want to say that too

In the world ringing
With "tick-tock"s, again and again,
None of the words I've prepared for you reach you
"I want to end it all,"
When I went along and said that
You smiled for the first time

In the troubling days, I became unable to smile
You are truly beautiful in my eyes
The spilled-over tears in the never-ending night
All dissolve into your smile

In the never-changing days when I cried,
You gently tempt me towards the end
It's like we're sinking, it's like we're melting,
The indelibly stained fog dissipates
On the days where I shut myself away, wanting to forget,
I take your hand as you extend it towards me
It's like the cool breeze is now swimming through the sky,
Blowing through us
Don't let go of my hand
The two of us now, racing into the night
Translation: Anonymous

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Note: This was added as part of a Tie-in event with Ayase.

Fun fact: This song is based on a novel called "An Invitation of Thanatos" by Hoshino Mayo. In it (cw: suicide) a man gets a text from Thanatos simply reading "Goodbye", which prompts him to find his girlfriend to try and stop her from committing suicide.

A member of each group has a solo cover of this song, making it the only song to technically belong to each unit (outside of Anniversary songs). Those members being Ichika, Shizuku, Kohane, Nene, and Kanade.

Akito's voice actor, Imai Fumiya, has also done a cover of this song.