Hitorinbo Envy

By: koyori/Denpol-P

Featuring Miku

"Do it properly, do it properly."

Mischief with an innocent face
Using tears to make excuses
I'm lonely, I want to go out and play
Thick and sticky like honey

I know that you, I know that you
Don't need me either
Given the cold shoulder by the world
But the party sure looks fun from here

Skip, skip over this way
Clap your hands and walk, ra-ta-ta
No, no! Look away
Now I'm the bad girl
That nobody wants again

I had a dream in vivid color
Then woke to see my hands pitch black
Ripping me apart
What a lively singing voice

Tonight, tonight, let's go back there
Let's all go together, run run, ra-ta-ta
How nice, how nice, envious me
A stranger dancing
Without a care

4-3-2-1, let's play hide-and-seek
Hiro-kun, Haru-chan, I found you
Out of breath, playing tag
You caught me

Skip, skip over this way
Clap your hands and walk, ra-ta-ta
Take one trembling step forward
Say bye-bye to being all alone

Love, love, come over this way

Spread your hands and touch, ow, that's hot!
Are you ready? You ready? I open my eyes
Let's play together,
Today and the next
Translation from Project DIVA X

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Note: The title translates to "Solitary Hide and Seek Envy", though there's a bit of a pun getting lost in translation here. From what I can tell, "Hitorinbo" comes from combining the word for alone (hitori) with the word for Hide and Seek (kakurenbo). Officially, it's just called "Solitary Envy".

Fun fact: The text that makes up the title of the song in the official illustration uses english letters to make the japanese characters. It's like the opposite of that fucked up coffee cup.