Hello/How Are You?

By: nanou

Cover featuring Mafuyu, Ena, and Miku

"This song is about a girl who is very lonely and tells her tale about how it feels and she is explaining the way she acts."

I opened the window, and softly whispered out
How are you?
There's no one here, I'm alone in the room
The morning's come, a morning of pouring rain
Somebody, wind up my coil...

In an old anime, that was how it was
How are you?
So enviable, loved by everyone
Don't say anything stupid, I have to prepare
To hide the traces of my tears

Now, my favorite phrase is "fine, who cares"
Suddenly, yesterday's words come to mind
"Well, I don't have any hopes for you anymore ..."
And well, it's not like
I have any hopes for myself,
But just what were you trying to get across?

Words come up to the throat,
But all that come out the mouth are lies
So today, once again, I keep on
Living, wasting precious words

Why are you hiding away?
Are you afraid of being laughed at?
Don't you want to meet anyone?
Do you really mean that?
Cast down in a sea of ambiguity,
It's too painful for me to even breathe
I just wanted to hear some voices
Really weak, aren't I

Amid preparing to proceed not at all,
I think with my dim head,
"Should I just give out an excuse and rest?"
No, no, I know it
I was just saying that
I understand, so please don't get mad

Happiness, unhappiness, no matter what
Equally, cruelly, the morning sun rises
Of me, who is just managing to live on
What can you expect more?

Why are you worrying about it?
In truth, do you want to be loved?
Who was it that let go of that hand?
Did you realize that?
If life had a time card,
What would be my ending time?
And the wages for my hours alive
Who's going to pay them?

Thank you
I just want to say thanks
Thank you
I just want to say thanks
Thank you
Just once would be fine
So from the bottom of my heart, weeping away,
I just want to say thanks

Why are you hiding away?
In truth, do you want to be heard?
No laughing or such, I promise
Won't you talk about it?
If you don't open your mouth, I can't know;
What you're thinking doesn't get told
Such troublesome creatures, aren't we?
It's just being human

Hello, how are you?
Hello, how are you?
Hello, how are you?
I ask you: Hello, how are you?
Translation: vgperson, with updates from Streetneko

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