Bitter Choco Decoration

By: syudou

Cover featuring Nightcord at 25:00 and Miku

I try not to have too much faith in people,
Not to love people too much, not to expect too much from people
On the other hand, I try not to cause offense,
Not to act all high and mighty, not to stand out

I try not to hurt anyone,
Not to pick on anyone, not to kill anyone
On the other hand, I try not to let my hypocrisy be seen,
Not to get on my high horse

I try not to forget to add in a few light-hearted jokes and a touch of lip service
I try to smile and show off my charisma whenever I can

Bitter Choco Decoration
Eat it all without saying a thing
Bitter Choco Decoration
You're such a picky eater, you really need to fix that

If your heart manages to stay true to itself after your head becomes empty,
Then surely you'll do the same
"By the way, there's one thing I'd like to ask:
Where were you the other day?...Never mind, forget I said anything"

I try not to pointlessly expose myself,
Not to talk about myself, not to understand myself
But I try not to be a bit too silent,
To be laughed at rather than to make people laugh

I try to properly show respect for people,
To worship people, to praise people
But I try to never let that turn into sarcasm,
Not to make fun of others

A life sentence of group participation,
Sucking up to others yet again, saying things like
"Hey, your bangs look totally super fresh and awesome right now!"
And so on, despite never meaning a word of it,
Every morning, every night--I've reached my breaking point
A lynch mob in a religious society
But I try to never let it break my mind

Bitter Choco Decoration
Sometimes that lonely love defiles you
Bitter Choco Decoration
After the birds take flight, surely all they leave behind is some crappy art

At first, I had bragged and boasted a lot, but now
Saying "no" is also an expression of fondness
"Oh my! Even though today is your first time,
You're a natural! You have excellent taste!"

Bitter Choco Decoration for the season of love
Bitter Choco Decoration when love is in the air

Bitter Choco Decoration
Yearning for the ideals that everybody wants,
Bitter Choco Decoration
I burned my individuality and feelings to the ground,
Bitter Choco Decoration
And now, having put my greed and ego six feet under,
Bitter Choco Decoration
I've finally grown up, Mommy

Tomorrow and certainly from this point forward
This hell will continue to the bitter end
Alas, so please, just for now,
Let's go along with these feelings ripped right out of
Our childhood, stark-naked

"Oh, now I remember! You’re that one person from back then,
The one who always seemed super serious
...Never mind, forget I said anything"
Translation: MML!opinions!Fun!Chocolate!

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Note: The in-game versions of this, including the original, don't include the "F.U.C.K.Y.O.U" line. I have no idea why, since Law-evading Rock and Ego rock haven't been censored at all.