Romeo & Cinderella

By: doriko

Featuring Miku

"This time, the lyric was inspired by folklore about good kids."

Don't make my love your tragic Juliet
Take me away...

That's how I feel

Tell Mom and Dad goodnight
Wish them sweet dreams, at least
It's bedtime for grownups

Choking on captivating caramel
Entwining my bare, bashful legs
How far can we venture tonight?

Be gentle, don't bite
I still dislike bitter tastes
Having been spoiled on Mom's homemade sweets

When there's something you don't know
It's only natural to want to find out
Show me everything
And just for you, I'll show you mine too...

I'm a Cinderella, yearning for you,
I'll come running in my school uniform
Oh magic, please stop the hands of time
Before the villain interferes

I'm a Juliet who wants to run away
But don't call me by that name
We have to live happily ever after
Otherwise where's the fun?

Tell me, will you choose life?

I applied a little too much mascara
But I'll be a good girl when tomorrow comes
So please let me off the hook for now

The boundary line is just this black lace
And there's no one to guard it today so,
If you cross it, how far are you going to go?

Enough you bite me, enough to make me hurt
I'm the one you fell in love with, right?
But Dad doesn't seem to like you that much

You say you're holding out your hands for my sake
But isn't that a collar you're holding?
Just take me away, oh my Romeo,
Far enough away that they scold us

The bells are going to sound and
Cinderella has to leave her glass shoe
Obviously, you have to look for her quick
Or she'll be haunted with nightmares

Definitely, even she did it like that--
She lied when she said she "accidentally" dropped it
That's right; same with me
Since I want to be loved by you more

Look, I am right here

Won't you peek into my heart?
See how it brims with desires?
I've got room for more; pack my heart until it's full
Until it fills up the place where you are

But what would be the point?

They say happiness comes in small packages
If something doesn't change
You're going to end up hating me

But Mom and Dad are the same as ever, they just want more
You're right, I should be honest
The axe I dropped was one of gold

Cinderella told one too many lies
And got herself swallowed by the wolf
If something doesn't change
He's going to end up eating me too

Come to my rescue, before it's too late!
Translation from Project DIVA F 2nd, with missing parts from marvelangga and updated by ElectricRaichu

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Fun fact: Alongside references to "Romeo and Juliet", "Cinderella", and "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", I want to highlight two other story references, since I feel like they might not be as well known (at least, I didn't catch these ones until I was working on this page).

"They say happiness comes in small packages" is a reference to the story "The Tongue-Cut Sparrow". In it, a man finds an injured sparrow and brings it home to feed it and help it recover, though his wife is upset about wasting food on such an insignificant thing. One day, the man goes to the mountains and leaves the sparrow with his wife, who refuses to feed it, and when it eats some starch that was left out while she was away, she cuts out its tongue and releases it to the mountains. The man goes to find it when he finds out, and when he does and is welcomed by the other sparrows, he is given the choice of a small or large package, and he chooses the small one, which he finds is full of treasures when he returns home. His wife then goes to the mountains to retrieve the large package, but when she opens it, its instead full of deadly creatures. Though honestly I think that reference is a little lost in this translation, as I have seen other translations that specifically make reference to a small and large box.

"The axe I dropped was one of gold" is a reference to "The Honest Woodcutter" (or any of its variants). In it, a Woodcutter drops his axe into a lake, and the god Hermes dives into the lake and brings him a golden axe, asking if it was his. The Woodcutter says no, and this repeats with a silver axe. When Hermes brings the axe he actually dropped and the Woodcutter accepts it, he is given all three axes as a reward for his honesty.