Cover featuring Minori, Airi, and Miku

What kind of horizon
Was I puzzling over within this fraying dream?
It's becoming blurry right before my eyes,
Now where are those few seconds?

The sound of my pulse is completely inaudible inside this vortex
Aah, I don't even know anymore
I let out a single sigh, it seems that I have woken up

Don't go away from me,
Drown out the crowds
A mental image of that just melts away in the sky

The landscape is shaking and collapsing,
Collapsing and drifting away
I'll just sing at the center of this sleepless world
And forget these feelings
If we cry it's because it is the last stop
I want to smile at these days,
Because surely
It's meaningless here anyway

Alone in the dark,
I asked, "what's going on here?"
It became blurry right before my eyes,
Those few seconds are in the ocean

Tomorrow, which looked so vivid,
Turned out to be plain as usual, and my voice won't reach
The floating stars simply illuminate my ordinary shadow

The words that the
Unseeable answer left behind,
They become a little farther away, even though, that's all it is

I was crying as the lights stopped;
Crying, as I flew against the wind
I was simply dyed in the seasons as they came together and mixed,
Leaving sentiment behind
I can't even see the water's surface,
The tomorrow that I can't see just laughs
I leaned towards the other side
Until I met you

(La La La...)

Let me reflect on yesterday's regrets
Let me reflect and shed nothing but tears
At the bottom of the falling sky
The tomorrow I could see was so beautiful...

I'm going against it!

Hug those few seconds close,
Hug them close and don't you forget
Even the fake tears of the star that had begun to turn
Can surely smile
Before dawn breaks
Translation: Summer's End, proofread by Kagamine_Neko and Shiopaca

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