Love Trial

By: 40mP

Cover featuring Minori, Airi, and Miku

"Willingness to atone for one's sins by life in prison."

Oh! No! No! No!
I don't know what came over me
You know you're everything to me
C'mon, cut me some extenuating circumstances
I can't keep living alone

Oh! Jesus!
Don't look at me like that
Please, I'll do anything
I'll have a change of heart
Just suspend my sentence
Let it go this once

My alibi for this pre-meditated crime
Won't fool you
Cheap tricks are a no! no! no!

My love's on trial
Just how many crimes are you going to accuse of?
Closing statement
After the tears
You pronounce me guilty

Oh! No! No! No!
This is a worst-case scenario
If you're going to dump me
At least use your own hands
When you toss me into the darkness

Oh! Jesus!
Evidence speaks louder than words
I won't make excuses
Look, you can lock me in your prison
For as long as you like

Personality differences and one little mistake
Were all it took to keep you away
No clever defense will get me off the hook

What's so perfect about my crime?
You and I bear the same sadness
The one who loved
The one who was loved
We're fated to put each other on trial

So the verdict is "guilty"
Just how many crimes are you going to accuse me of?
I'm ready to do life to pay for my crimes
Protecting you till the day I die

Love Trial
The truth you told me
After the false tears
A little devil smiling your secret smile
I know you're guilty too
Translation from Project DIVA X

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