By: aqu3ra

Featuring Miku

Since when have I felt unsatisfied? I get hurt because the days are like this
I can't step forward right away, I still can't see who I really am

Even the memories of the past are merely a thousand-year tale
I take a deep breath as I fall into the deep sea

The season that's full of ambiguity is leaving, along with me
I need to go see the scenery that was shown through the telescope

Uh--that voice of yours drenches my whole heart
Tangled up and captivated by each other, we sing our unchanging love once more
You, not letting go of your hands become a rule of mine
It's a heart that will melt away the rusted last page
That one and only magic will turn this world around

I just wanted to run away, there's no point in comparing them
I dive in even deeper, passing through the night

I'll be waiting. Inside my dream, I reach out my hand

This is not far from a delusion, because I'm here beside you
To this impulsive lingering attachment I say no thank you, I don't need any of this

Uh--If it's with you, I can reach the end without falling down
You laughed at me, but our hands were still intertwined

Uh--On this planet, I fell in love without sleeping
I longed for you and hesitated what to do, but from now on, I'll grow up
You, If it's with you, I’ll dive in without hesitation
It's a start that will illuminate even the wrong path that I took
Things like turning the world around, it makes me laugh when I look back at it
That one and only magic will change this world
Translation: Hiraethie, with corrections from Violet

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