By: Umetora

Cover featuring Akito, Toya, Tsukasa, Rui, and KAITO

"It's not 'If You Do Do'"

Bite down from time to time, let me remember what pain feels like
Stain my entirety with that overflowing fluid
Drowning in the sensations made to run up from
The tips of my toes, lead my body and heart

Having bitten down on a finger trying to bear it,
Is what is desired an ideal?

I don't need it, don't need it at all,
It's time to TRY that which you were scared to do
Satisfaction is surely not there,
In that clearly miserable future
Live LIFE as you please,
Making it your own depends on you
Don't waste time hiding it,
Do what's on your MIND more proudly than anyone

In this world there's nothing else
The only certain thing is yourself

There's no time to become small, ALL RIGHT?
Cross your upper limits, engines full throttle and go! BURN BURN BURN
What you want, yes it's to get more of that great feeling...
So DANCE the way you feel like right now,
Do as you're told and GET DOWN!

I don't need it, don't need it at all,
A shined-up obtrusive PRIDE
As for the rules of this meaningless world,
It's pointless to describe them
Your STYLE is hidden away,
But you should DIVE in with it all laid bare
What's born is hope, it's not a mistake,
The SMILE at the peak

Right now in this world let them out, your sharp, dazzling hopes
You gotta let out your determination even more!
Translation: descentsubs

Note: This song is also known as "Pomp and Circumstance".

This group was called "Fantasista SQUAD" and this version of the song was only in the game for a limited time. As such, none of the April Fools covers have full versions.

Fun fact: Umetora refers to the Vocaloids used in this song as a group called "DIVINE-DIVA", and has used them in several other songs. Luka is the leader of this group.