Aoku Kakero!

By: marasy

Cover featuring Ichika, Saki, Airi, Ena, and Miku

"Hatsune Miku and Pocari Sweat Ambassador appear in the Tokyo Marathon 2020."

When I woke up, I was looking forward to
The world is waiting for me.
The landscape painted in my memories
No one is going to take me there...
For me it won't be over,
Not like this!

Run into the blue!
I have no wings
But my sweat tells no lies!
For you, for me
For the world, we'll gather the light,
And keep running!

You keep fighting for yourself
Even when no one is left cheering.
With this song I'm telling you that
Your heated dreams will smile to you.
Someday that time will come!
Tell me
Are you smiling,
Under the blue sky?
Translation from the official upload

Note: The title translates to "Run Into the Blue!"

This group was called "Aoharu/friends" and this version of the song was only in the game for a limited time. As such, none of the April Fools covers have full versions

Fun fact: This song is part of a collab with Pocari Sweat, a sports drink.