the WALL

By: buzzG

Cover featuring Leo/need and Miku

The emotions that flash like lightning,
I wonder, what's hidden inside of them?
As the sky sways along with the twilight,
I embraced them tightly, not letting go.

I really wanted to understand them,
Yet, I just couldn't understand them.
I thought that I had the strength to,
Yet I couldn't move anyone's heart.

This tattered melody, this rhythm, and the blue scars inside them,
They won't go away because they are fully mixed together.

It hurts, I'm scared to sing with someone else.
But even so, with you,
I still want to create this familiar song,
A song that transcends all walls.

My trembling limbs are still going strong,
So you say that I'm still fine, right?
I wonder, what's left behind of my transparent and timid self?

I should have already said everything I want to say,
And my words should be all dried up, but why aren't they?
Still, I want to paint that orange
In the space between the day and night.

A beautiful sight, a pulsing beat, it's fine to laugh now,
Being left alone scared me so much.

I'm sure that God above
Created us as pathetic creatures.
So, while we all experience loneliness,
We don't walk alone anymore, right?

The joy that nearly suffocates us,
And the countless walls towering over us,
All of it, all of it, is for the sake of this voice!

In a sea of fog so deep it drowns you,
On days when you just want to curse yourself,
The strength of your eyes that had always been there,
It makes me want to cry so much.

This overflowing tattered melody, this rhythm, and the blue scars inside them,
From this moment onwards, they'll continue to mix together.

Even though it's painful and lonely to sing,
If it's with you, then I want to sing for this world!
A song so distorted and yet so warm,
A song that melts all walls.
Translation: Thai1210

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"Echo My Melody" event song.