By: HarryP

Featuring Miku

"This is where you can shine."

Here is the place where you can shine
Don't you forget about your future self
Because I'm sure you can do it

The crybaby has stopped their tears on their way back home
As anyone can see, you will be all alone when you get stronger
I've been only experiencing things like that that I understand
Day by day all the trivial things keep increasing,
I probably got used to it by now

I'm not strong enough to sing a song about my current self
However, I understand that because my voice sings

Here is the place where you can shine
With tears of frustration, I've just memorized it, this rhythm and melody
The song that was born from your own world
Is right here, go find it, it's been waiting for you

On the stairway of time that got hotter and now colder,
Words like "I wonder what will happen from now on?" keep repeating in my head
I tried to smile in front of the mirror, but I'm all alone again
The feeling of importance flooded over me, my face is all scrunched up

The wide, intense, high, and free stage of sound
I got scared before I flew up there, but

You can sing about that kind of you, it's alright
But don't you forget how anxious you were, come now

A light shone through from this world (from this world)
For whose sake is it am I delivering this rhythm and melody?
I tightly squeeze my fingers that are still trembling (still trembling)
Let's try get a grip, I knew it was scary, but I'm sure it's a powerful song

I believe in you, that right there can only be you
Because that person who laughed, that's wrong, cried in front of the mirror was you
I understood how that feels, I also know that I'm not good enough
That's why I want to sing out the words I've been holding
In my chest

There's a special kind of now right here
Keep your eyes peeled, don't hide it, that's where your place is
Now, come on, let us run up to the top
Of your favorite stage, if this is a world where everyone is together

Here is the place where you can shine (you can shine)
Your future self is now right here, with all of your strength,
Let's deliver the song to the future that is called "you"!
To all around the world, to your own self, let's deliver the song to them!

Let's deliver it to you!
Translation: Hiraethie, with corrections from Violet

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"Putting Feelings Into Words" event song.