Pulse of the Meteor

By: *Luna

Featuring Len

With Miku, Rin, Luka, MEIKO, and KAITO as backing vocals

The same star from that day, using it as our guide,
We sang together.

The admirations that surfaced from inside, and the regrets that seeped through, stained black,
If I could talk about these without any lies,
How easy it would be?
What kind of sounds should I make for my dreams?
I already knew, after all, I chose to stop moving forward.

All the words I have said,
I couldn't cherish them.
I pretended to not see them,
But they are still shouting,
"I am here." Hey.

Why am I okay with this?
I can't even put one thought into words.
(I want to change, I want to move forward.)
But I realized...

With our sounds,
We too can become
One of those shooting stars.
(Doesn't matter, move on.)
We will show you now!


Can you hear us? This voice of ours.

The many projections I accumulated, and my distorted way of defending myself,
If I could solve these with no difficulties,
How easy it would be?
What kind of words should I use for myself?
Alone, it was me from the past, holding back the tears.

All the meaningless prides fading away,
I just wanted to run away,
"I'm always by your side."
"I believe in you."
"Do you hear me?"

Why am I not able to decide?
I can't even give up one thought.
(I want to fulfill my dream, I want to sing.)
I'll carry them all.

With our song,
Maybe we can become one of the sounds
That fills the world.
(It's alright, move on.)
We will rise now.

Hung out all "day" long.
We ran to go see the "stars".
We didn't care about the "future".
Our "wish", let's not forget,
I will not forget, never!

Things that change, things that pass by,
No one can stop these.
I can't stop these too, but...
This moment I'm living in,
I don't want to miss even one second of it.
That's why I'm standing here!

Now let it resonate!
If there's even one person waiting for our song,
(Let's sing, hear us sing.)
In this "world" of ours.

With our voice, even if the sky is dark,
Even if we are still fragile,
We'll shine. We'll sing.


Can you hear us? This voice of ours.
Translation from the official upload

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"A Bright Future!!" event song.

Fun fact: During the bridge, the line each member sings references their name.