Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow

By: Orangestar

Featuring IA

"To the night sky, reuniting with your smile."

I'm a boy who picks out his enemies to fight
Depending on whatever suits my mood.
No hopes for the future,
I wanted to be drawn in a dream
And yet I fear the future,
Hating tomorrow, wishing towards the past
There's no longer anything I can do, so I shout,
"Tomorrow, tomorrow, please, don't come,"

Leaving the old me behind,
The moon sets, and the sun rises
But that night was different from all the others.
You took my hand...

The Big Dipper's first star illuminates the darkness,
Dancing into the sky and beyond this world
"Let's start facing towards tomorrow again,
Both you and me"
"If this is to end as a dream,
At least allow me to change yesterday..."
I won't say anything like that,
So let me keep smiling together with you,
Tomorrow as well

Even if I think that
The world truly changed,
And even if I tried to hope or change,
The future was cruel
Even so, the world I always watched
With you was truly beautiful
I still haven't forgotten that,
I've placed it in my heart so I can remember

Daydreaming about flying with or without you,
Or even just taking a walk alone
I can't do either of those; and begged for someone to break down
The illusions formed from the indigo wind

"If you want it, then make it come true yourself,"
Eh... you said that...

I think about I want
To go see you again tomorrow night,
But I don't know, maybe you won't be there
But even so, we will always be one
So, see you later, Sky Arrow let's smile on
I want to be together with you in the future, however short our time may be,
So I'll shout out
"Remember this day someday in the future,
whoever we are then..."
Translation: Coleena Wu

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Note: The Original version is not available in-game. I don't know why, considering other songs with IA on vocals have the Original in the game.

Fun fact: This was the first song to enter the Hall of Myth that featured IA.