Kagerou Daze

By: Jin

Cover featuring Leo/need and Miku

"An old story speaking of summer. 'It's because I hate summer.'"

It happened at around 12:30 pm on August 15.
The weather was nice.
Showered in sunlight bright enough to make me feel ill,
I, having nothing to do, was chattering with you.

"But I think I kinda hate summer."
While caressing a cat,
You muttered brazenly
Ah, chasing after your runaway cat,
You found yourself plunged
Before a red traffic light.

A passing truck suddenly ran you over and drove away, while I screamed.
I began sobbing at the color of splashed blood mixed with your scent.
The heat haze was sneering at me, reminding me that it wasn't a joke.
I blacked out at the cicadas' noises that were disturbing the surface of the summer lake.

When I came back to my senses in a bed, I hear the echoing sound of a clock's hands.
What time is it?
The hands of the clock point to a little past midnight on August 14.
I remember the annoying noises of the cicadas.

But wow, it's kinda mysterious.
I remember the dream I had yesterday in the same park.
"I should go home for today."
When I was on my way,
The people around me were all
Looking up with their mouths gaping.

A falling metal pole pierced through you.
A tearing shriek and the sound of wind chimes echo through the trees.
The heat haze was sneering at me, reminding me that it wasn't a dream.
Through my darkening eyes, I thought I saw you smile.

The sneering heat haze plunders away one darkened world after another.
It's been repeating for tens of years. You probably have noticed by now.
This kind of frequently told story has only one ending,
But it can be found beyond those repeating summer days.

When I pushed you aside and jumped in, the truck slammed into me.
The color of my splashed blood reflected off your eyes and your robotic body.
I laughed at the seemingly annoyed heat haze, as though saying "Take that!"
It's quite a regular summer day for me.
But something has come to an end this time.

Awakening on August 14 in a bed,
A girl, hugging her cat alone,
Said, "It didn't work again."
Translation: animeyay

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Note: The title translates to "Heat Haze Daze", a heat haze being a type of mirage experienced in the heat, making objects look kinda wavy.

This was added as part of a collaboration with Kagerou Project, a long running multimedia series. This song centers on the characters Hibiya and Hiyori.

Fun fact: This is one of the only songs not added at 3 PM JST, instead being added at 12:30 PM on August 15th.