Who the hell are you?

I go by Rhythm. I'm the local jester, idol, and puella magi.

What is this?

Like the homepage says, just a site to host song lyrics. It's mostly just Project Sekai songs, but I might throw some other random stuff up too.

My goal is to eventually be caught up to the english servers. That feels more attainable work wise, plus it gives time for good translations of the commissioned songs to be done before adding them to the site. For a frame of reference, the english servers run about a year behind the japanese servers.


I hate everything about Fandom wiki, so I wanted to make something just easy and simple to read that wasn't cluttered with useless shit and ads. It's also just a nice simple project for me to work on when I need something to busy my brain and hands with, since it's just some copy pasting.

Edit: Just to clarify, I do not mean the people who work on and contribute to the Fandom Wikis. You guys are cool and I appreciate all you do, and I'm a wiki editor myself on the Dappervolk Wiki so I get it. I'm talking about Fandom as a company/website.

Where do you find the translations?

Most all are from the Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki. Translators are listed at the bottom of a songs page. VocaLyrics from what I can tell are very good about making sure translations are accurate, so don't worry about that part. I tend to prioritize translations from official sources, whether that's a translation provided by the producer or from one of the Project DIVA games.

What about the videos?

I always link the official upload if it's available. If that isn't available, then I'll find an alternative on a case by case basis. Most Sekai covers that don't have a 2DMV use the uploads from the bands "Topic" channel on Youtube. If there's an alternate upload linked on the VocaLyrics Wiki (and it doesn't have subs on the video itself), I'll use that. If a song is in Project DIVA and there is no other PV for it that I can find, I might link that PV if I can find an upload I like (AKA one that doesn't switch between different modules). If I can't find any other option, then I'll upload the video myself unlisted and link that.

Edit: I figured out how to embed videos from NND, so now if something doesn't have a Youtube upload, I'll do that.

What order are you adding songs in?

I'm going by the order Sekai.Best lists songs, sorted by "Available From", so basically the release order. The main exception being that I'll usually add event songs as their events happen on the english servers.

Why do the singers not match up correctly sometimes?

It's a grammar thing I'm pretty sure. I'm not an expert, but from what I can tell it's that while the singer might say something at the beginning of a line, when translated, it ends up at the end of the line. The second (real) stanza of the WxS cover of Sweet Magic might be a good example to see this, since the misplaced parts are in english so it's a bit easier to hear it. It bothers the hell out of me too, but I'd rather be accurate to what a singer is actually saying since that's more important than if the colors line up.

What's with the ♪ on some songs?

I use ♪'s to denote a vocalization that can't be transcribed. Usually these are not really words/sounds, but more...glitchy/digital sounding, for lack of a better word? Check Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder for a good example.

What are your favs?

VBS for life baybeeee. My top fav character is An!

Vocaloids, Gumi is top fav, but Len and Kaito are also up there. Not a vocaloid, but I also love Teto.

Picking just one fav song is very very hard, but some of my favs are Patchwork Eden, Ghost City Tokyo, Ego Rock, Lagtrain, and Wonderland and the Sheep's Song.

How can I contact you?

If you want to contact me for whatever reason (song requests, find a mistake, something I could add, anything like that), best place is my email, rhythmdescant (at) gmail (dot) com. Just please no spam or anything like that.

How long have you been working on this?

I started this website on May 29th, 2023.

What is wrong with you?

Lots and lots and lots and lots.